Original thematic NFT collection.

The digital collection reflects the wisdom and crucial data related to human behavior on the path to success.

The MA WISDOM series is based on years of research of the achievements and failures of a large number of people around the world.

Interaction factors

Any endeavor is within the power of those who take action thoughtfully, being guided by knowledge and wisdom.

There are 40 interaction factors (iFactors) that determine the success or failure of a person in life.

The idea of the art of interaction lies at the core of the NFT MA WISDOM collection. 40 iFactors in the form of NFTs represent a system of knowledge that helps a person to consciously build the trajectory of his/her life path.

Why NFT?

Guideline X from the “Aristippus’ Code” says: “Be flexible and able to change in response to new life circumstances.”

The analysis of current trends prompts more and more people, companies and public institutions to make a choice in favor of decentralized solutions based on Blockchain.

We are on the threshold of the future where the physical and digital worlds merge and provide new opportunities for the NFT owners.

Merging worlds

The connection of the physical and digital worlds is a new stage in the self-improvement of mankind through science and technology.

In the near future, both worlds will be even more closely intertwined with each other. The digital reality will become as important as the physical one when billions of people discover the metaverse*.

*Metaverse — a shared virtual environment that people access through the Internet. Metaverse allows connecting digital and physical experiences in business, social life, work, shopping and leisure.

A new series of conceptual NFTs

In the NFT MA WISDOM collection, 40 interaction factors that every person must take into account on the path to success are expressed in the language of digital art

Each particular iFactor has its own unique pattern and design.

There are 5 different color palettes for each factor: blue, red, purple, green and yellow.

Each iFactor in the corresponding design has a limited edition of 250 copies.

Each particular NFT from the collection has a unique identification number that rules out the existence of a second such NFT.

Value grows every day

The total number of released NFTs in this collection is 50,000, and there will never be more!

Every day, their number is decreasing, as every day we randomly select and “burn” 100 available NFTs.

The less available tokens, the higher their value!

Collection release procedure

The NFT MA WISDOM collection is released in parts — 8 separate iFactors per month.

8 iFactors — 5 colors — 250 unique copies.

In total — 10,000 unique NFTs per month.

Physical addition to the digital collection

For the owners of NFT MA WISDOM, a special W-BOOK tool has been developed, which gives the entire collection additional value and uniqueness.

W-BOOK has been designed to allow you to model interaction with other people and find more effective solutions.

The tool helps you focus on the essentials and successfully put into practice the ideas outlined in the MA WISDOM collection.

40 interaction factors

5 different backgrounds

250 copies

50 000 NFTs

+ a special tool

Learn more about W-BOOK