A conceptual NFT collection that combines ancient wisdom and modern technology.

The collection is inspired by guidelines of the outstanding ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus of Cyrene. The wise advice of the ancient thinker has found a digital embodiment and has become part of modern crypto art.

WEB 3.0
On the threshold of great change

The Internet as we know it is becoming obsolete and no longer capable of meeting the demands of the times.

Outdated concepts are being replaced by new ones. Before our eyes, the Internet is changing and increasingly begins to resemble a full-scale world with endless business opportunities. As experts say, the era of Web 3.0 is coming.

There are two types of digital assets that lie at the core of the Web 3.0: coins and tokens.

Limitless potential of NFT

Among the tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the most popular today. Each of them is unique, the proof of its uniqueness is encrypted in Blockchain.

NFTs have a huge set of advantages, as they are:

  • works of art that have a collector value;
  • proof of ownership of something unique;
  • profitable objects for investment;
  • indicators of belonging to certain communities;
  • important technological elements in the new structure of the Internet.
Our response to the global trend

We have taken the best of the NFTs already on the market and added our own ideas and developments.

As a result, the CODEX 2023 collection came into being. It successfully combined the ancient wisdom of the philosopher Aristippus, the concept of Financial Security and the cutting-edge technologies of our time.

Synthesis of art and high technologies

The CODEX 2023 collection includes 24 guidelines from the Aristippus’ Code.

There are 5 different color palettes for each guideline: blue, red, purple, green and yellow.

Each guideline in the corresponding design has a limited edition of 500 copies and a unique serial number.

This means that every single NFT is unique and there is no other like it!

The total number of NFTs issued amounted to 60,000. And with each passing day their number decreases, because we randomly select and “burn” 100 available NFTs daily.

The less available tokens, the higher their value. This means that now you have a great opportunity to own the asset the value of which will increase in the long term!

Merging of worlds

NFT CODEX 2023 have a unique specificity that distinguishes them from other similar tokens. We have brought to life the idea of merging two worlds — digital and physical. Each NFT can be combined with a tangible product — a gold bar with an Aristippus’ guideline. All 24 guidelines of the philosopher are cast in gold, for each NFT you can purchase a bar with the same guideline.